Lankeleisi Electric Bikes

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes Review

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes offers a diverse selection of cutting-edge electric bicycles. These models are tailored for an array of riding experiences, from traversing rugged off-road paths to leisurely touring through the city. Each bike is crafted with premium parts, featuring robust motors, extended-use batteries, and intuitive LCD screens.

The Lankeleisi brand is synonymous with green technology, optimal performance, and lasting quality. It targets not only casual riders but also those who depend on their bikes for daily urban travel. For those looking to buy in bulk, there are enticing savings of up to €160 on a pair of bikes.

In terms of aesthetics, Lankeleisi offers an impressive palette of colors for customers to choose from. This range includes bright shades like orange and yellow, along with classic options such as red and grey. Such personalization options underscore the brand’s commitment to meeting individual preferences.

To further solidify customer assurance, Lankeleisi provides a generous three-year warranty on their products. This warranty is accompanied by the promise of free part replacements and access to skilled technical support. Such initiatives are in place to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their purchase.

Whether tackling challenging terrains or urban cycling, Lankeleisi’s electric bikes are guaranteed to provide a thrilling and efficient ride. By combining robust engineering with user-friendly features, they elevate the cycling experience for all enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Lankeleisi Electric Bikes offer performance electric bicycles suited for a wide range of riding preferences.
  • Choose from a vivid selection of colors, ranging from vibrant orange to sleek grey.
  • Purchase comes with a substantial three-year warranty, part replacement for free, and expert technical support.

Introduction to Lankeleisi Electric Bikes

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes is a noteworthy name in the e-bike world, known for its innovative electric bicycles and focus on sustainable transportation. They provide various models suited for various terrains and scenarios, making every electric biking experience memorable.

Show a top-down view of a bustling city street with several commuters riding Lankeleisi electric bikes. The bikes should look sleek and modern with bright colors and innovative design features, such as advanced suspension or a streamlined frame.

The scene should convey a sense of eco-friendliness and urban mobility, with the riders enjoying the convenience and efficiency of their electric bicycles. There could be other elements in the background, such as tall buildings or public transportation, to emphasize the importance of sustainable transportation in an urban environment.

These e-bikes feature state-of-the-art technology, powered by robust 48V 20Ah Samsung batteries. They can go up to 150KM on the GT800 and 130KM on the X2000 MAX. Lankeleisi bicycles combine power, range, and durability, all while keeping eco-friendliness at heart.

Equipped with top-tier motors like the 500W Bafang mid-motor and a 2000W dual motor system, Lankeleisi bikes are designed for superior performance across different preferences. Their smart color LCD displays provide essential riding data in an interactive manner, improving both operation and user connection.

Lankeleisi ensures an all-rounded electric biking experience with features like IP64 waterproof and dustproof certifications for dependable use. This highlights the brand’s constant strive for innovation and quality in e-bike technology.

The brand’s commitment to sustainable transportation is at its core, advocating for cleaner ways of commuting that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Lankeleisi offers a vast selection from mountain bikes to city and snow bikes, ensuring an ideal match for anyone looking for an exceptional e-biking journey.

ModelBatteryMotorRange (KM)Price (£)Warranty
Lankeleisi X3000 MAX48V 20Ah Samsung2000W Dual Motor1302,2903 years
Lankeleisi MX600PRO 48V 20Ah Samsung500W Motor1501,7993 years
Lankeleisi MG740PLUS48V 20Ah Samsung2000W Dual Motor1502,0993 years
Lankeleisi G65048V 400W Li-ion400W Motor1301,3993 years

Through their innovative technology and green values, Lankeleisi Electric Bikes is transforming the concept of sustainable travel.

Technical Specifications of Lankeleisi Electric Bikes

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes stand out in the electric bike market. They combine top-tier technology with superior craftmanship. You’ll find each bike equipped with a long-lasting battery, a powerful motor, and a user-friendly display. These features elevate the biking experience. Now, let’s explore the standout technical aspects that define Lankeleisi electric bikes.

Battery and Range

Lankeleisi models excel in battery life, offering long rides without constant recharging. The Lankeleisi G650 Folding Electric City Bike, for example, comes with a 48V 12.8AH lithium battery. It charges fully in just 4-5 hours. This battery lets cyclists reach speeds of 25-35km/h, with an electric range of up to 45 km. In auxiliary mode, it’s impressive, extending up to 110 km. It’s a perfect choice for daily commutes or urban explorations, promising reliability.

Motor Power and Torque

The essence of Lankeleisi Electric Bikes is the robust Bafang motor inside. In particular, the G650 model boasts a 48V 500W rear-drive brushless motor. This motor is water-resistant with an IP54 rating and provides a torque of 45 Nm. It ensures riders enjoy smooth ascents and precise control. Moreover, the bike overcomes inclines of up to 30° with ease, making it ideal for diverse terrains. Supporting this power is a Shimano 7-speed derailleur system, enabling smooth rides across different surfaces.

LCD Display and Interface

For rider interaction, Lankeleisi installs a top-tier e-bike LCD display that’s both waterproof and high-definition. This screen displays essential details like power, speed, mileage, and battery levels in real time. The power settings are adjustable, allowing riders to tweak the bike’s performance to their liking. The display is designed for user-friendliness, reflecting Lankeleisi’s dedication to smart and intuitive biking experiences.

Battery48V 12.8AH Lithium
Charging Time4-5 hours
Motor48V 500W Brushless Rear Drive
Torque45 Nm
Maximum Speed25-35 km/h
Electric Mode Range45 km
Auxiliary Mode Range110 km
LCD DisplayWaterproof HD, Shows Power, Speed, Mileage, Battery Capacity

New Arrivals: The Latest Models for 2024

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes is pushing boundaries with its new 2024 releases. The LANKELEISI X2000 MAX and LANKELEISI GT800 mark a new era in performance and design. This release confirms Lankeleisi’s dedication to top-tier electric bikes.

Show multiple Lankeleisi electric bikes lined up in a showroom, each with distinct color schemes and sleek designs that highlight their modern features. The bikes should be positioned in such a way that emphasizes their speed, durability, and eco-friendliness, while also giving the viewer a sense of excitement and adventure.

The background should be minimalistic, with a simple yet eye-catching layout that draws attention to the bikes themselves. Colors should be vibrant and bold to evoke a sense of energy and forward-thinking innovation.


The LANKELEISI X2000 MAX is a game-changer in e-bike technology. Featuring dual 1000W high-speed brushless motors, it boasts unparalleled power. This power allows riders to conquer any terrain.

Specifically designed for peak performance, it sits atop the lineup of 2024 models.


The LANKELEISI GT800 continues the brand’s legacy of extraordinary handling. Its advanced mid-motor setup greatly improves the bike’s stability and maneuverability. Thus, it is highly anticipated as a top choice for electric bike enthusiasts.

With a lightweight frame and superior motor specifications, it sets a high standard for the latest bikes.

ModelMotor PowerBatteryTop Speed
LANKELEISI X2000 MAXDual 1000W48V 20Ah28 mph
LANKELEISI GT8001000W Mid-Motor48V 20Ah28 mph

The latest offerings from Lankeleisi showcase their pioneering spirit and commitment to quality. These e-bikes are tailored to meet a wide range of needs and preferences. Lankeleisi is undoubtedly leading the pack in the electric bike sector for 2024.

Best Sellers and Customer Favorites

Lankeleisi is a favorite among biking aficionados. They offer electric bikes for various needs. The top picks include the LANKELEISI RV800 PlusX3000Plus-UP, and XT750 PLUS BIG FORK. These models showcase the company’s drive for quality and new ideas.

ModelPriceMotorBatteryWeight CapacityRange
Ride1Up 700-Series$1,395750W720Wh130 lbs on rear rackHigh
Ride1Up Turris XR$1,095750W720WhNo cargo rackClass 3 speeds
Aventon Abound$1,799750W720Wh440 lbsGreat
Lectric XPedition$1,399750W1350W power450 lbsImpressive

Many riders love these e-bikes for their hard-wearing nature and flexibility. The LANKELEISI XT750 PLUS BIG FORK shines off the beaten path. This makes it a favorite for adventurers. The X3000Plus-UP wins at city travel. Riders appreciate its mix of power and consistency.

These bikes get rave reviews and top scores. They match all kinds of rider wishes, from rough tracks to city ways. Lankeleisi’s top-rated e-bikes mix new designs with real-world usage. This strong combination has made the brand a hit worldwide.

Performance and Usability of Lankeleisi Electric Bikes

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes are crafted for outstanding performance and ease of use in various settings. They are perfect for both off-road excitement and city commuting needs. These e-bikes are designed to exceed your expectations.

Capture a dynamic shot of a Lankeleisi electric bike in motion, showcasing its speed and agility on a rugged terrain. Emphasize the bike’s durability and versatility as it navigates through rough terrain with ease. Show the rider confidently maneuvering the bike, highlighting the bike’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Depict the bike’s sleek and modern aesthetics, incorporating a vibrant color palette to make it stand out against its surroundings.

Off-Road Capabilities

Lankeleisi is renowned for its off-road electric bikes that take on tough terrains effortlessly. They feature powerful motor torque and fat tires for superior performance in any condition. The bikes’ strong suspension offers both stability and a comfortable ride on rough paths.

City Commute Performance

Lankeleisi provides electric commuter bikes designed for ease and efficiency for those living in urban areas. These bikes come with dependable brakes, simple controls, and long-lasting batteries. This setup makes for an ideal city travel companion. The powerful motors ensure you can move through traffic easily, making your commute pleasant and hassle-free.

FeatureOff-Road CapabilityCity Commute Performance
Motor TorqueHigh, for rugged terrainsSufficient, for urban mobility
Tire TypeFat TiresSlim, puncture-resistant tires
Battery LifeExtended, for longer tripsEfficient, for daily commutes
SuspensionAdvanced, for stabilitySimplified, for urban roads

In conclusion, from mountain trails to city streets, Lankeleisi offers unbeatable e-bikes for any rider’s needs. They truly provide an exceptional riding experience for all.

Comparing Lankeleisi Electric Bikes to Other Brands

When analyzing electric bike comparisons, Lankeleisi shines in key aspects. They are renowned for their competitive pricing and diverse selection. Take the Lankeleisi GT800; it’s powered by a 500W Bafang mid-motor, creating solid performance. It can muster up to 120NM of torque and its battery supports a mighty 130KM of assisted riding.

The Lankeleisi X2000 MAX offers even more, with dual motors combining for 2000W. This design caters to those who seek power and endurance in their electric rides. Not to be outdone, the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus boasts a significant range of up to 150KM with pedal assistance.

In comparing Lankeleisi to its competitors, weight and affordability vary greatly. For example, the Fiido D4S Pro, often under €1000 in Lithuania, weighs a mere 18.5kg. This is considerably lighter than most competitors, which typically clock in between 24 and 28kg. Another choice, the ADO A20+, priced around €750, stands out with its removable battery and shock absorbers for a smoother journey. This same smooth ride is offered by the Samebike 20LVXD30, renowned for its 350W motor and 48V 10.4Ah battery.

The Engwe EP2 Pro is distinguished for its value, featuring a 750W motor and a 625Wh battery. It can reach speeds up to 40-45km/h. Such quality highlights Lankeleisi’s excellence in the realm of e-bike comparisons and their dedication to innovations that benefit riders.

Warranties and customer service are key in these evaluations. Lankeleisi stands by its products with a 3-year warranty and a team ready to assist. They offer free parts replacement if anything goes wrong within the warranty period. This solid backing demonstrates their commitment to customer care and dependability.

BrandModelMotor PowerBattery CapacityRange (KM)Weight (KG)Price (€)
LankeleisiGT800500W48V 20Ah130
LankeleisiX2000 MAX2000W
FiidoD4S Pro18.5under 1000
Samebike20LVXD30350W48V 10.4Ah
EngweEP2 Pro750W625Wh

In summary, when considering electric bike comparisonsLankeleisi bikes showcase exceptional performance, rich features, and outstanding support. This makes them a top pick among competitive electric bicycle brands.

Shopping and Order Information

When it comes to electric bike shopping, Lankeleisi Electric Bikes stands out. It offers an exceptional purchasing experience, with enticing limited-time offers and discounts. They provide various paths to owning a premium e-bike at a budget-friendly price.

Show a person standing in front of a display of Lankeleisi electric bikes in a well-lit shop. The bikes should be positioned neatly and attractively, with their respective features and prices clearly visible. The person should be looking closely at the bikes, appearing intrigued and curious as they consider making a purchase.

Surrounding the bikes should be various accessories, such as helmets and bike locks, further enticing the customer to make a purchase. The overall atmosphere in the shop should be modern, spacious, and welcoming.

Limited Time Offers and Discounts

For Lankeleisi, making electric bike shopping affordable is key. Their ongoing discounts on premium models open the door for many. These deals help customers get their hands on top-notch, performance-driven e-bikes without breaking the bank.

Warranty and Customer Service

Lankeleisi prioritizes customer peace of mind with solid warranty and support services. With a 3-year warranty, reliability is guaranteed. Their specialized customer support team is always ready to assist with any issues and offer free replacement parts. This solid support ensures a smooth and worry-free shopping journey for each rider.

ModelOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceCategory
Ecotric Tornado Full Suspension MTB Electric Bike$1,499.99$999Off-Road E-bikes
Ecotric 26inch White Lark Electric City Bike For Women$1,139.00$699City E-bikes
UL Certified-Ecotric Hammer Electric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bike-Blue$1,274.99$969Off-Road E-bikes
Ecotric 26inch Black Peacedove electric city bike$769.99$579City E-bikes

Eco-Friendly Travel with Lankeleisi Electric Bikes

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes stands out for its commitment to green transportation. They offer top-tier models like the GT800, which boasts a 500W Bafang motor and a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery. This duo supports riders with an impressive range of up to 150 kilometers.

Notable among their products is the X3000 MAX, priced at €2,199.00. It sports a 1000W brushless motor and can hit speeds of 38 to 45 kilometers per hour. Then there’s the MG740PLUS, which has seen acclaim from 109 positive reviews at a more affordable €1,899.00. By showcasing these varied offerings, Lankeleisi proves their commitment to quality and customer delight.

What’s more, all Lankeleisi bikes come with a 3-year warranty, offering peace of mind. The X3000 MAX arrives almost fully assembled, demonstrating convenience and care for the user experience. Overall, Lankeleisi is pushing the envelope in the electric bike realm. They marry cutting-edge features with a clear eco-friendly ethos, driving the adoption of sustainable transport worldwide.


What types of electric bikes does Lankeleisi offer?

Lankeleisi Electric Bikes has a wide range of electric bicycles. They cater to different riding needs, from off-road adventures to city commuting and leisure trekking. These bikes stand out for their premium features, such as high-power motors and long-lasting batteries.

What are the key technical specifications of Lankeleisi electric bikes?

Lankeleisi’s bikes are powered by Samsung 48V 20Ah lithium batteries and 500W Bafang motors. They also come with smart LCD screens. These features ensure top-tier performance and a user-friendly experience.

Can you tell me about the latest models for 2024?

In 2024, Lankeleisi introduces the LANKELEISI X2000 MAX and LANKELEISI GT800. Highlighting twin 1000W motors and lightweight frames, these models promise a superior ride. They mark a leap in power and control.

What are some of the best-selling models from Lankeleisi?

The LANKELEISI RV800 Plus, X3000Plus-UP, and XT750 PLUS BIG FORK are among the top choices. They’re praised for their durability, versatility, and quality. This has made them favorites among buyers.

How do Lankeleisi electric bikes perform in different environments?

Lankeleisi’s electric bikes shine in all settings. For off-road adventures, robust motors and fat tires tackle tough terrains. In cities, these bikes offer efficient travel with their reliable brakes and long-lasting batteries.

How does Lankeleisi compare to other electric bike brands?

Lankeleisi stands out with its affordable prices and advanced specs. It also grants comprehensive warranties and free part replacements. This reflects their dedication to customer happiness.

Are there any limited-time offers or discounts available?

Indeed, Lankeleisi provides various promotions that include savings bundles and pre-sale cuts. These deals help more people acquire premium electric bikes at budget-friendly prices.

What warranty and customer service options are provided?

Lankeleisi offers a 3-year warranty and boasts a helpful support team. They ensure shopping is stress-free with their free part replacements. This commitment to service ensures a positive experience for all customers.

How does Lankeleisi promote eco-friendly travel?

Lankeleisi is committed to eco-friendly travel. Their bikes offer a green way to move through different terrains. This supports the global shift towards sustainable transportation.


Modern mobility demands can be effectively served by Lankeleisi electric bikes, which combine functionality and state-of-the-art technology.

Their models, including the XC4000 and MG740PLUS, have strong brushless motors that guarantee excellent performance and efficiency, making them suitable for off-road excursions as well as urban transportation.

The overall creativity and adaptability of Lankeleisi bikes make them a tempting choice for individuals looking for flexible and sustainable mobility solutions, even though certain concerns have been expressed regarding frame reliability.

With ongoing improvements and a dedication to resolving safety issues, Lankeleisi is well-positioned to hold a prominent position in the e-bike industry.

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